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Témoignage de Lionel.G

"As a Medical practitioner, I was attending a congress about perlvi perineal pains, when Pascal came up to me to make a quick presentation of his sittings device. I was immediately seduced by the technical approach of the BHC team, which showed a real desire to understand and address the dynamic and anatomical constraints that can participate in and explain back and pelvic pains.

As I suffer myself from chronic disabling pelvi perineal pains, along with back pains as well, and as I had to go through several surgical procedures in order to improve my situation, I accepted spontaneously to act as a guinea pig to test this new product by installing Aporia in my daily MD practice.

Body weight distribution on my ischium, on which I sit, very rapidly resulted a demise of my sacral and ischiatic pains which before irradiated into the whole small pelvis, despite the necessity to sit and stand up, sometimes quite abruptly, several times per hour, every day. Very quickly, my back pains disappeared, and my back, which stiffness is triggered nearly automatically by chronic lower back pains, found its natural flexibility. Pelvi perineal pains were durably relieved, and I very clearly perceive a sharp difference when I sit when I return home, despite some remaining pains which have a tendency to regularly come back.


The sitting device is wide and comfortable, with a central opening which prevent painful bearing points on perineal area which are systematic otherwise on ordinary chairs."

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