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  • How to use my Aporia ergonomic seat cushion??
    We recommend following the steps below: 1. Place the ergonomic cushion on a rigid support, preferably one where, when APORIA is placed, your feet are flat (important!) and your knees are slightly lower than your hips (also important!). 2. Decide whether to use a wedge at the front or back of your APORIA cushion, or both. The use of wedges is described in the product's user manual. 3. Test the position of the wedges on the cushion to find the one that suits you best and adjust the tilt of your seat to provide the most relief. 4. Once the seat is well-positioned, sit towards the back of your APORIA seat cushion. 5. Readjust the ergonomic cushion if needed for more comfort. 6. Rediscover the seated position!
  • Where to put the wedge?
    When you unpack your APORIA, first start with removing the two wedges that are scratched under the bottom of the item. At this stage it may be very useful ton concentrate on the correct positioning of your pelvis. To do so, please stand up and find the best position of your pelvis while rotating it backward and forward.. In your case : If your pelvis is tilted forward, we recommend to place the wedge under the front part of Aporia. For example, due to their long training since childhood, most dancers (especially classical ballet dancers) have a natural position with their pelvis tilted forward ; If yourpelvis is naturally tislted backwards, we recommend to place the wedge under the back part of Aporia ; If your pelvis is centered (nor forward nor backwards) you have a neutral pelvis position. In this case you may either prefer the Aporia equipped either by no wedge at all, or both wedges (one under the front part and the other under the back part of Aporia)
  • Can I have the instructions for my APORIA ergonomic cushion?
    You can download the user guide of the Aporia cushion. It will also be sent to you along with your order.
  • What are the benefits of the Aporia cushion?
    1. Relief of musculo skeleton and joint tensions 2. Liberation of upper body movements while seating 3. Total discharge of pression over the painful areas Learn more :
  • How do I take care of my Aporia?
    Cleaning your cushion is very fast. For everyday maintenance : You can remove small fluff and dust with an adhesive roller and for small stains, rub with a damp microfiber. For occasional maintenance: First remove the four sets that enclose the four pads Set a maximum 40°C (104°F) for your washing machine (of course you can wash them by hand, but you should respect the temperature limits) Iron at a moderate temperature (maximum 110°C - 230°F) Not to use any bleach Avoid using tumble dryer When the fabric is dry, assemble your Aporia again
  • Is there a shipping fee for the delivery of my APORIA cushion?
    Delivery is free in metropolitan France. For delivery abroad, please contact us directly. The customer is responsible for checking the conformity of the products received at the time of delivery and, in case of anomaly, must inform us within 30 days from the date of receipt.
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