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Ergonomic seat cushions for the relief of pudendal neuralgia, coccyx pain, and lower back pain

French manufacturers of ergonomic seat cushions

Pudendal Cushion

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Coccyx cushion

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Lumbar cushion

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"Why, as a Pain Medicine doctor, do I recommend the
APORIA seating to my patients?"

"For my patients who suffer from perineal, coccyx, or lower back pain, sitting can be uncomfortable and problematic on a daily basis. The design of the APORIA seating represents an innovative technical approach. Firstly, the support shell allows for various position adjustments. Then, the foam "dots" adapt to different anatomies by adjusting individually. Pressure is relieved from the painful areas. I have personally tested it.

It's not just another cushion or ring for sitting but a product that I would describe as a 'dynamic ergonomic seat.'

I declare that I have no conflicts of interest with Blue Portance."


Head of the Pain Evaluation and Treatment Department, Rothschild Hospital AP-HP until the end of June 2023.

Aporia, the world’s only cushion
enabling dynamic balance

French manufacturer of innovative ergonomic seat cushions, Blue Portance is committed to providing an optimal sitting experience that promotes daily well-being. Explore our APORIA product line, specially designed to provide lasting relief for pains associated with pudendal neuralgia, coccydynia and lower back pain.

Ergonomic seat cushion APORIA : revolutionizing comfort for your well-being

Our positioning sitting cushion goes far beyond its role as a simple cushion. At the crossroads of an exoskeleton and a cushion, APORIA stands out for its ability to encourage the adoption and maintenance of a healthy posture, effectively reduce pressures on painful areas, and alleviate musculoskeletal tensions.

coussin de chaise ergonomique aporia

Support and functional rehabilitation

It promotes dynamic sitting while providing support where you need it most : coccyx, lumbar, pelvic-perineal area, thus preventing muscular tensions and pains related to immobility.


The cushion chosen based on your condition will come to life with you, acting as a true functional rehabilitation!

APORIA, for a healthy and dynamic posture

Restores freedom of movement while sitting

Improves the body's natural balance day after day

Encourages the adoption and maintenance of good posture

Relieves pressure on painful areas

Effectively reduces musculoskeletal tensions

Dampens vibrations

30 days of free trial
with personalized support


days of free trial

3 personalized calls

30 days to adapt to your new cushion

to accompany you in your APORIA experience

Free delivery

Free delivery and returns in metropolitan France

Satisfaction guaranteed

Return shipping costs on us.

With Blue Portance, you have the opportunity to test our ergonomic seat cushions for 30 days, and it's completely free, including delivery! During this period, you can experience the difference that the APORIA sitting cushion can make.

Throughout these 30 days, our team is by your side with personalized support via phone, typically including 3 calls to ensure together that the seat cushion you have chosen effectively relieves your pain and alleviates pressure on your sensitive areas.


We are here to answer all your questions, provide advice, and guide you so that you can fully benefit from the chosen seat cushion.

Reviews and testimonials

Lionel (Pudendal neuralgia)

"Its design is truly dedicated to relieving my pain. To be honest, and given the specific nature of my pathology, I sometimes have to switch of cushion  from time to time, but I come back to Aporia, which now accompanies me wherever I go, thanks to its ease of transport.

My research on various websites led me to acquire several expensive cushions with no real long-term effectiveness. The Blue Portance team seems to me to have the right approach, and the Aporia cushion is the first and only one that looks very promising."

Practitioners testify

"From the very first days, the dorsolumbar pain disappeared, and the back, whose rigidity is almost automatic in chronic low back pain, regained a natural suppleness. Pelvic-perineal pain has been sustainably relieved, and I notice a clear difference when I sit down at home, with the aches tending to return." 

 SM MD gynaecologist