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Testimonials on Blue Portance
ergonomic cushions

Discover how our ergonomic cushions have made all the difference for those suffering from coccydynia, lower back pain, and pudendal neuralgia, whether through customer feedback or conclusive trials conducted by recognized practitioners.

Praticioner testimonials


For my patients who suffer from perineal, coccyx, or lower back pain, sitting can be uncomfortable and problematic on a daily basis. The design of the APORIA seating represents an innovative technical approach. Firstly, the support shell allows for various position adjustments. Then, the foam "dots" adapt to different anatomies by adjusting individually. Pressure is relieved from the painful areas. I have personally tested it.

It's not just another cushion or ring for sitting but a product that I would describe as a 'dynamic ergonomic seat.'

I declare that I have no conflicts of interest with Blue Portance.


Head of the Pain Evaluation and Treatment Department, Rothschild Hospital AP-HP until the end of June 2023.

As a physician attending a conference on pelvic-perineal pain, Pascal introduced his prototype chair to me. I was immediately impressed by the technical aspect of the approach, with a genuine desire to understand the mechanisms of anatomical and dynamic constraints that could explain or contribute to pelvic and lower back pain.

Suffering from debilitating chronic pelvic pain myself, accompanied by automatic lower back pain, and having undergone numerous interventions to try to improve them, I enthusiastically agreed to be a guinea pig, placing an Aporia cushion in my office.

The pressure distribution on the ischial bones, on which I rely in a seated position, quickly led to the disappearance of sciatic and sacral pain that radiated throughout the pelvis, despite the need to sit and stand, sometimes abruptly, several times an hour. In the first few days, the dorsal-lumbar pain disappeared, and the back, which tends to be stiff in chronic lower pain, regained natural flexibility. Pelvic-perineal pain was significantly relieved, and I notice a clear difference when sitting at home, as the pain tends to return.

The seat is wide and comfortable, with a central indentation that avoids the painful pressure points on the perineum typically experienced with conventional chairs.



Testimonial from the US specialist in coccydynia

Dr. Patrick Foye

During the International Coccydynia Symposium at Cochin hospital in Paris.

Shared Experience by a Professional Specialized in Back Issues and Spinal Pain.



Client testimonials


Video testimonials


Client suffering from lower back pain and backache.


Client suffering from coccydynia following a moto accident.


Reassuring testimony: Relief with the APORIA lumbar cushion, effective against fibromyalgia.

Discover Gerald C.'s experience, a participant in the Marseille event we joined a few months ago. Affected by fibromyalgia, he shares his immediate impressions after trying the APORIA lumbar cushion. In this video, Gerald describes how the ergonomic cushion provided him with instant relief and helped alleviate his pain during this initial encounter.

Written testimonials

Its design is truly dedicated to relieving my pain. To be honest, given the specificity of my condition, I sometimes have to change cushions occasionally, but I always come back to Aporia, which now accompanies me in all my travels thanks to its portability.

My research on various websites led me to acquire several expensive cushions without real long-term effectiveness. The Blue Portance team seems to have the right approach, and the Aporia cushion is the first and only one that appears very promising to me.


Client suffering from pudendal neuralgia.

In good health and very athletic, I never thought I would one day appreciate a cushion like this.

I work sitting in front of a screen all day, and I used to regularly end up completely slouched in my chair, often with more than just muscle discomfort in my back. Since I started using the cushion, my posture is naturally much better.

I no longer need to remind myself several times a day to sit up straight, only to find myself slouched again after a few minutes. My position remains naturally upright, and that's how it's comfortable.

And no more discomfort in the back or lower back.

All in all, a great discovery that I now recommend to my colleagues in the office and to you if, like me, you sit for several hours a day. The cost is significant, but it's an investment that is worth it in my opinion. We only have one body, so it's worth taking care of it – the latest iPhone can wait.


Client suffering from back pain.

I had the opportunity to test the Blue Portance cushion in the aftermath of my childbirth, where I had several tears and abrasions.

Thanks to it, I could sit comfortably when any contact was a source of pain, as the cushion allows complete relief of the area.

Being a doctor myself, I would recommend it to my patients.


Client unable to sit properly following a painful childbirth.

The day I was able to test the Aporia seat for the first time, I had coccyx pain. A dull, strong, and overwhelming pain.

I could sit, but this pain occupied a significant part of my mind.

I sat down, and after, let's say 2 minutes, I felt a release of my pain, a clear relief; 10 minutes later, three-quarters of my pain were gone. I now have a practical solution for my problem.

Seat tested +++ and approved.

Anne Tricot

Client suffering from coccydynia.

étoiles trustpilot

Excellent device, the first on the market that addresses my issues, no more pain!!!!


Very affordable price, not excessive at all when I tally up what I invested previously for nothing at all!

Trust the Blue Portance team, thank you again!


Client suffering from coccydynia from 5 years.

étoiles trustpilot

I tested the cushion following a motorcycle accident and four fractures in the pelvis with consequences on the coccyx. I had great difficulties before in sitting and staying seated.

Today, I can maintain a seated position for a longer time thanks to the coccyx cushion, which replicates the natural movements of my standing position when I sit.

I highly recommend it.


Client suffering from coccyx pain following a moto accident.

étoiles trustpilot

Completely satisfied with the Aporia seat. It accompanies me everywhere. It has become a second skin.

Following a medical condition and a painful surgical intervention, I no longer had the ability to sit. Aporia is the only seating that allows me to once again enjoy convivial meals at the table, the pleasure of autonomy by resuming driving... in short, a return to life.
I thank the team at Blue Portance, very professional and particularly committed to personalized customer support. Truly comforting.

Congratulations and thank you to the entire team for this beautiful innovation!


Client suffering from pudendal neuralgia and cluneal neuralgia, unable to sit after a surgical intervention. 

étoiles trustpilot

"Young and very serious company!

It's rare to see such a quality of follow-up, both in terms of delivery and the proper reception of the product and its use. Moreover, the cushion is of excellent quality and is designed based on feedback from people suffering from these conditions and in collaboration with the specialized university hospital in the field.

Even if it doesn't solve everything in my case, it's the only cushion on which I can sit, and I've tried other brands that are also well-known and expensive.

Thanks again for the quality of communication, and best of luck for the rest of your journey!"


Client suffering from pudendal neuralgia.

Following a pelvic fracture, this cushion allowed me to remain seated when it was impossible for me to sit on a chair even with a cushion.

It provided a pain-relieving upright position.


Client suffering from coccyx pain following a pelvic fracture.

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