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Positioning cushions for pudendal Neuralgia, Coccyx and Lumbar Pain

Blue Portance is the first French manufacturer to have designed the world's only cushion allowing dynamic postural balance! We place special emphasis on quality, innovation, and precision in creating our positioning cushions. Our cushions are the result of carefully studied design and advanced technical expertise. Our APORIA range has been specifically designed to offer precise solutions for various pathologies. Each cushion has been developed with special attention to those suffering from pudendal neuralgia, coccyx pain, and lower back pain. If you want to alleviate your pain and adopt a dynamic and healthy posture, our APORIA cushions are made for you!

coussin névralgie pudendale aporia
coussin pour soulager nerf pudendal

Pudendal neuralgia cushion

coussin coccyx aporia
coussin pour soulager douleur coccyx

Coccyx cushion

coussin lombaire aporia
coussin pour soulager les lombaires et le dos

Lumbar cushion

Take your APORIA positioning cushion with you wherever you go!

APORIA carrying bag

sac de transport coussin ergonomique

Three Models, Three Solutions: seat posture cushion Tailored to Your Condition

Cône adapatabilité coussin aporia

At Blue Portance, we have developed three models of APORIA cushions, each dedicated to addressing pain associated with specific conditions: pudendal neuralgia, coccydynia, and lumbago.

They all share a common feature, resting on a multi-articulated structure designed to constantly adapt to the user's position. This property provides a multitude of 'correct postures,' creating a cone of adaptability. Unlike static seating, this unique property allows for optimal adaptability, helping reduce inflammation, release tension, and relearn how to sit comfortably.

Each cushion model has been designed with a specific optimized recess tailored to each of these pain-inducing pathologies, aiming to achieve complete pressure relief in the painful compression areas.

The pudendal neuralgia cushion is designed to alleviate the pains associated with this condition. Its optimized recess provides targeted relief by reducing compression on the pudendal nerve at three locations: the sacrospinous and sacrotuberous ligaments, and the Alcock canal. Its multi-articulated structure is designed to gradually recover its adaptability to the seated position day by day, thus reversing the inflammatory process to restore perineal functionality.

● The coccyx cushion, on the other hand, is specifically designed to alleviate pain associated with coccydynia. An optimized recess to eliminate direct pressure on the coccyx, combined with a multi-articulated structure encouraging a multitude of consistently stable postures, allows:

    - Containing the tendency for coccyx hypermobility,
    - Limiting movements detrimental to dislocation,
    - Avoiding pressure on the coccyx area, even when the pelvis is tilted backward.

● Finally, the lumbar cushion is the ideal solution for relieving pain associated with lumbago and back pain. The multi-articulated structure encourages adopting a consistently good posture inscribed within the cone of adaptability. This helps release joint and muscle tension, restore musculoskeletal tone through permanent support, reduce inflammation, and relearn how to sit comfortably.

An ergonomic seat cushion designed to suit your environment

Our APORIA cushions are designed to easily adapt to various environments. Whether you're looking for an ergonomic chair cushion or an ergonomic cushion for an office chair, our products are versatile and compatible!

coussin de chaise ergonomique
coussin de chaise ergonomique pour bureau

What is dynamic balance?

Dynamic balance involves maintaining subtle body movements while sitting. It means that our bodies are not meant to remain still for long periods. Instead, they are designed to constantly adapt to small oscillations, adjustments, and movements, even in a seated position.


This dynamic balance allows our muscles, spine, and overall body to stay in motion, distribute the load optimally, and avoid excessive strain on certain parts of the body.

When we maintain dynamic balance while sitting, we promote better blood circulation, reduce muscle tension, preserve the flexibility of our spine and joints, and contribute to reducing the fatigue and discomfort that often result from long hours of sitting.


Our APORIA cushions have been specially designed to encourage this dynamic balance. Their innovative design, combined with a synergy of expertise, allows your body to move subtly while being properly supported.

Whether you're working at your desk, watching TV, or relaxing, our cushions are there to help you promote constant micro-movements. It is this harmony between stability and mobility that makes our cushions an ideal solution for relieving tension and promoting your comfort.

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