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Blue Portance, french manufacturer
of ergonomic chair cushions

Blue Portance positions itself as a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of

ergonomic chair cushions for the improvement of health and well-being.

Why "Blue Portance"?

"Blue" resonates with certain places on Earth where the longevity of inhabitants is well above average. There are five of these, known as the "Blue Zones": Okinawa Island in Japan, Ikaria in Greece, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, the Loma Linda Valley in California, USA, and the province of Ogliastra in Sardinia, Italy.

These "Blue Zones" have been studied to understand the factors contributing to the longevity of their inhabitants, leading to research on healthy lifestyles and dietary habits.

The "Blue" brand draws inspiration from these "Blue Zones" and the associated concepts of longevity and well-being.

"Portance" is the fundamental concept of the brand: supporting the individual.


The combination of these two words, "Blue" and "Portance," gives rise to Blue Portance: improving your life by providing support.

manufacturing of the exoskeleton for the Aporia ergonomic chair cushion

The story of Blue Portance

This story begins 35 years ago with the encounter of two high-level engineers with complementary backgrounds: Gil, passionate about strategy and innovation, and Pascal, specialized in management and life sciences/medical.

This fusion of talents gave birth in April 2021 to the company Blue Portance, with a common desire to improve the daily well-being of people in pain and to bring something truly useful to society.

Gil, suffering from coccydynia and chronic discopathy, intimately knows the pains associated with sitting and their impacts on daily life.

After conducting in-depth research on pains related to pudendal neuralgia, coccydynia, and lower back pain, their conclusion was clear: there was no product truly capable of providing lasting relief for these conditions. It was at this moment that François, an engineer specializing in the development of ergonomic chair cushions and anti-decubitus mattresses, joined Gil and Pascal in the early part of 2022.

test de la technologie brevetée des coussins blue portance

The ''Blue Team'' was born!

Together, they created a seating concept based on a revolutionary idea around the notion of dynamic mobility. Prototypes were developed, tested by healthcare professionals, and then by patients. These trials helped better understand the needs of patients suffering from pudendal nerve, coccyx, and lumbar pains.

The feedback obtained greatly contributed to refining the architectures of ergonomic chair cushions, leading to the patented creation of the APORIA range of ergonomic cushions in early 2023.

séance de travail avec des ingénieurs pour dévelopement coussin aporia

Designed by Blue Portance and
Co developped by practitioners and their patients

Blue Portance is
internationally recognized

4th International Symposium on Coccyx Disorders

The Blue Portance team was present at the 4th International Symposium on Coccyx Disorders*, held on July 6th and 7th, 2023, at Cochin Hospital in Paris.

The organizer, Dr. JY Maigne, a recognized French physician for his work on coccyx and pelvic pain, and the participants, were able to appreciate the comfort and mobile support provided by our APORIA cushion.

*The 4th International Symposium on Coccyx Disorders is a medical and scientific event dedicated to the study and understanding of health problems related to the coccyx.

It brings together experts, healthcare professionals, and researchers to discuss the latest advancements in the field and share knowledge about coccygeal disorders.

ergonomic chair cushion at Nantes University Hospital with Amelie Levesque

CHU of Nantes

Blue Portance collaborates with Dr. Amélie Levesque at the Nantes University Hospital (CHU de Nantes), specializing in the field of pelvic-perineal pain.


It is in this hospital center that methods for establishing a diagnosis of pudendal neuralgia have been developed. This method, known as the 'Nantes Criteria,' has become a global reference today.

Blue Portance, cushions made in France

French manufacturing is essential to our approach and values. It allows us to guarantee you a high-quality product designed to last, subjected to rigorous controls, all while reducing the environmental impact of our production. By minimizing the distance between our production site and our customers, we reduce our carbon footprint. This is a way for us to stay at the forefront of progress without polluting the planet to reach you.


We take pride in our Made in France manufacturing and the positive impact it has on our products, customers, and our world.

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