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Innovative technology of APORIA
orthopedic cushions

APORIA, une patented technology

Sketch of the Aporia cushion, patented technology.
Sketch of the Aporia cushion, patented technology

The APORIA orthopedic seat cushions embody a major technological advancement in the field of ergonomic seating.


Our pride lies in the fact that these cushions are the result of patented technology, a culmination of years of research, development, and rigorous testing. The patented technology signifies our commitment to quality, performance, and continuous improvement. When a product is patented, it means its design is unique, protected by law, and offers an innovation that can't be found elsewhere.

Seating and dynamic balance redefined with our APORIA seat cushions

Dynamic postural support

The APORIA orthopedic seat cushion allows for active positions, promoting good posture unlike static seating. The importance of postural support should not be underestimated. Dynamic seating helps maintain optimal postural alignment while engaging your stabilizing muscles. This contributes to strengthening your muscle tone and prevents fatigue from prolonged sitting.

Release of joint and muscle tension

Our APORIA ergonomic seat cushions have been designed to release joint and muscle tension. Excessive pressure points are eliminated through their multi-articulated structure. This unique approach helps relieve sensitive areas. You will feel the difference over time as your pain is alleviated through improved pressure distribution.

The APORIA structure: the exoskeleton of comfort

The structure of APORIA seat cushions is based on an innovative technological core that places them at the intersection of an exoskeleton and a cushion. This design combines a curved base, four articulated pads, and adaptive wedges to provide an optimal relief solution.

coussin ergonomique aporia vue latérale

Curved base

Allows for a natural posture that provides lasting relief from your pain. By following your movements, it promotes dynamic sitting.

structure coussin d'assise ergonomique aporia

4 articulated pads

These four pads support and accompany your posture in real-time, enhancing your proprioception and reducing muscle tension.

coussin d'assise ergonomique aporia


The 4 pads are connected to the base by articulations, allowing for various dynamic postures without tension.

coussin d'assise dynamique aporia vue latérale

Adaptative wedges

The wedges enable customization of the cushion to your natural body position (wedge at the back, wedge at the front, no wedge), providing a tailored solution."

Mobility and advanced technology

Depending on your pelvic typology, we recommend using our APORIA orthopedic cushions with or without the wedge. The rear and front wedges allow you to customize your experience and promote a seating specifically adapted to your morphology.

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